Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Saturday, 17 December 2016


I promised, many months ago now, to share with you all some of my early work. I carefully gathered it together and packed it in to the car during our house move this summer to ensure that it made it safely to our new home. The only question was, which piece to share. This week I set about going through it all. There is prose which is largely woolly and would take the length of a few cups of tea for me to wade through, let alone for you to read. Then there is a whole collection of poetry which I published online around 15 years ago when I was experiencing the disappointments that life can bring. That didn't seem suitable either. In fact, the only piece that I would have happily typed up is a poem that I wrote when I was 7 years old, entitled 'Waves' and written from the simplistic view of a child and, I now realise, also offers thoughtful reflections as an adult. A perfect piece to share as I wrap this blog up and send it in to hibernation. Unfortunately, although I am sure that it is surfing (pun absolutely intended) around my work files somewhere, typically that is the one piece which I cannot find.

 All of this deliberation led to an interesting conversation which reminded me of a piece that I published on this blog just over a year ago (here). When we rely so much on the Internet and computers and folders on 'the cloud', we don't write things down on paper. Letters are replaced by emails, postcards by photographs and captions on social media sites. Years ago of course that was the other way around. Now, I am certain that this poem is within my grasp, indeed it wouldn't surprise me to find it later this evening. The point of this post, though, is perhaps more of a reminder to me than to any of my readers, that whilst it is important to scan in those old photographs, writing, certificates or whatever you hold dear, you should not forget to reverse that too.

So, instead of spending time searching for the lost poem, I will instead spend time writing out by hand the aforementioned post on this blog, along with a couple of others, and will tie them with ribbon and put them in my writing box for me or my children to rediscover in a few decades.

On that note, I am taking a long break from this blog. The posts will remain and I will never say never, but with a young family I am diverting my writing energies to creative writing (Her Anonymous Face) and to a second blog which is in its infancy but I will share on social media soon. Thank you again to everyone who has supported me, shared my work and given me feedback, I am truly grateful to you all.

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