Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Monday morning coffee... 11th January

I don’t know if this is just my perspective, but as life passes time somehow seems to pick up speed. One moment it’s the summer, next we’re cantering into January. I’m not sure it felt that way when I was 8. There’s something about New Year that I love though. I used to be saddened by it, surrounded by celebrations I felt like I was waving goodbye to an old friend I hadn’t quite finished having a conversation with and I wouldn’t see again. Now towards the end of each year I start to look forward to it. The memories from the year are still there, not going anywhere and perfect building blocks for future endeavours, but the first day of January brings fresh opportunity every time and seems like the ideal moment to choose whether to let something go or make it work out. There have been some sad decisions along the way, but mostly I tend to be an optimist and believe that if things are meant to be then, with varying levels of time and attention, I can achieve them. New Year could be any given moment in time, but it is there, a recognised date in our calendar when we can wake up with a fresh face to our dilemmas, dreams and successes.

I’d wager that New Year also brings with it a raft of resolutions made across the globe. Now we’re a week in, I wonder how many are still standing. The new diet, exercise regime, fresh wardrobe? I make them all and stick to most with limited success. That said, every year as a family we make one resolution that does continue all year long. We choose a charity to support, whether it’s through a cake sale, regular donations of money or goods to sell in their shops, or small scale parties, and we all get involved. This year our children chose the charity (Blue Cross) and we are spending time finding out more about them, the work that they do and how we can help. Last year I was fascinated to follow the inspirational Caroline Jones and her Knickers Model’s Own campaign. What a wonderful way to inspire charity shop purchases whilst simultaneously raising money in memory of her late mother. Although I don’t profess to be as creative, her enthusiasm and determination to raise money in a fun and thoughtful manner has inspired me to think of ways to fundraise that we haven’t tried before. So thank you, Caroline.

It is with that thought I leave you to put my own brain into gear and think of ways my family might be able to have some fun whilst raising money this year, and progressing with the one resolution I know we will stick to.

I’d love to hear about your resolutions! Happy Monday.

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