Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Sunday, 1 November 2015

BRICK 2015

A number of my blog posts refer to my childhood, drawing on happy memories stored and reignited from time to time as my adult adventures unfold. This one is no different.

Like many a child I passed days happily building structures and vehicles with Lego, my only barrier being the limit of my own imagination. Houses, machines, vehicles, they all featured in this childhood folly. As time passed Lego was put away in favour of books and paper and pen. Until I had children of my own. Now I have been reintroduced to the wonder of Lego creations and I can’t see that this hobby will fade again. Bag after bag of Lego resides in our loft and now our boys are reaching the exciting age where it is slowly but surely working its way happily into every room in the house. Even our bathroom has the larger Duplo Lego blocks which have become a firm feature of bath time. Days are spent whiling away time sitting at our dining room table, Lego spread across it, creations being built and enjoyed. Models stand proudly on shelves in the play room out of reach of the littlest hands but in reach of our older children. And so it was, that when we set off to explore BRICK as part of our half term holiday I was just as excited as our young sons.

BRICK is the brain child of Warren Elsmore who launched ’The Lego Show’ in 2011 which evolved to become BRICK in 2012 and this year expanded to include Birmingham in its calendar, much to our delight. Put simply, BRICK is for fans of Lego. Not a fan? Don’t go. A fan? It’s an absolute must. Brick after brick after brick. Spectacularly well thought out it appeals to young and old alike.

Upon entry we eagerly scanned the map and, not able to decide where to start, we began to work our way through the event section by section. We came across models, moving and still, large and small. I have never attempted a large scale model but I have always admired them and marvelled over their precision. We saw the master builders at work on the main stage and delighted in cheering for both designs being realised from the simple instruction to “make something that flies”. We made and raced cars and watched a Lego Friends dancing show. We admired photos and loved the moving exhibits. What really captured our attention though was what is best described as Lego pits. With bricks all the same size and colour, we had no instruction save our limitless and alive imaginations. To begin with, we built a tower. In fact we built this with Duplo bricks so that our baby, not yet one year old, could join in. Then we moved to the smaller bricks. Another tower, then a house, then a room at the top of a tower. A pyramid, a chair, a castle, the list goes on. With each build we modified and expanded our thoughts. When we were happy with our design we would put it on a table for others to see whilst we perused other creations. The idea was brilliant. In placing thousands of bricks of the same size and colour together, we had to work with our imagination and awaken our inner inventor. Child after child, adult after adult, we were all engaged and happy. 

I cannot rate this event highly enough, and we will definitely be returning next year.

Did you go to BRICK? What did you think?

Please note: I do know someone who works for Warren Elsmore but I have not been compensated for this post. All thoughts are, as always, my own. 

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