Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Sunday, 30 August 2015

The origins of the blog

Perhaps this should be retitled 'the origins of this blog', this post is certainly not a profound entry on the origins of all blogging history (although as a side note here you may be interested that the phrase “weblog” was coined in 1997 and reflected the process of logging the web). Instead it is an easy reading amalgamation of a few of the most frequent questions I have been asked over the past few weeks by supportive family and friends.

Why start a blog?
To put my thoughts somewhere. I’d love to say that there is some wonderful back story to my blog, other than to practice my writing, to challenge my writing, and to motivate myself to pick up the pen again. Along with the above, it is a space to put everything so I can refer back to it without losing it like I did with my first ever blog, started in the year 2000 and lost to the wilderness of the internet and a web page no longer maintained that has swirled into a technological black hole. It also gives me the opportunity to share it with anyone who is interested.

Why call it The Thought Allotment?
I don’t want to reverse myself into a pigeon hole of writing only about one thing or another. People who know me personally know that I like to talk, about everything. My writing is much the same. I like to write, about everything. No topic too small, and none too large, although plenty will spin way beyond the hemisphere of my brain. The idea behind the name was that my blog would be a place to publish a post or two or three, much like sowing seeds, and let the thoughts and writing continue; grow and flourish if you will. Some may flower some may not, but just like an outdoor allotment, I can try anything. There will be some surprises, my postcards for example get a large number of readers on every publication which I didn’t foresee. Such is the beauty of the blog space.

Why are photographs limited?
Photographs are something that I will work on, perhaps when I have a little more time?! I certainly should invest in a small but quality camera rather than continuing to rely on my Apple phone. But whilst photographs of locations are plentiful, I regularly sift through a bounty of images when deciding which might be most appropriate, you will never see current face on photographs of my children. This is a personal decision and everyone sees these things differently. For me though, I don’t want to impact their privacy until they are of an age to fully understand and consent to that. I will always try my very best to ensure that the faces of others do not feature on my blog unless I have their express permission too.

Will you earn money from it?
At the moment, no. My priority is as a mother to 3 very young children. When I commit to something professionally I give it my all. I’m not in a position to do that at the moment. BUT, if I am ever rewarded for any of my posts I will always disclose that to my readers. I like to think that gives you all some confidence that I will always publish my honest opinions, whether complementary or not!

What’s next?
I’m working on a bigger writing project that will, most likely, take years. My posts here will help of course with my writing style, and they will continue and are completely independent of my other project. I’m always open to new ideas, challenges, and feedback!

So there you have it. My little space, my little writing haven, my little thought allotment. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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