Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Emojis - the new cool

The big child in me is thoroughly amused by emojis at the moment. Forget text speak, this is the new cool. Why say you're happy when you can use an ever so slightly scary smiley face instead? Or sad when there are a multitude of sad faces (including one sneezing? Or is that just a sneezing face? Why would you send someone a sneezing face? Oh, maybe they have a cold. Okkaaayyy...) 

On that note, has anyone else noticed just how many there are? Including some that make no sense? What’s NG for example? Or UP! Perhaps a reference to National Grid? If NP might be No Problem, perhaps NG is No Gain? And if there’s an ‘UP!’ why not a ‘DOWN!’ And the person in the bath that’s tucked away with the sports symbols. “But, Dr, I just don’t understand why I look like a prune, I work out every day, sitting in the bath…” I also love that some useful ones are missing. For example, I am yet to find a fingers crossed emoji on the standard Apple keyboard. But there's a bicep. Yes, a bicep. So when wishing my friends and family luck with something I send them the lucky bicep. And yes, I am quite pleased with my childishness.

Then there are the ones that simply make me laugh out loud every time I see them. The little fella running. He looks like he’s had a hard day. I’d like to take him by the hand and treat him to a piece of flapjack. The sad devil. Why a sad devil face? Why? Is it more or less sad than a regular sad face? I’m not sure. 

Of course with their watch, Apple have taken things one step further with animated emojis. I can’t say I understand all of those either. The waving ‘whatever’ hand, or is it devil horns? The winking smiley face with its tongue lolling out, looking like a teenage boy lusting over the music video channel. But hey, they have a fingers crossed in the mix so they’re not all bad. And you can download them and send them via email to get in on the action if you’re without the latest piece of Apple kit. 

Stepping away from Apple and text speak, Facebook is, naturally, in on the act with the stickers that can be sent via messenger. Top tip, don’t send too many at once. Facebook does not appreciate it and will temporarily ban you from using them which is quite annoying if you’re having a sticker sending contest with your husband and he doesn’t get banned but you do, but I digress. Smiley stickers, food stickers, film characters, you name it you can find something that might suit. You’d like cat on a scooter? Got it! A green sickly monster? Done! Even an angry oyster, don’t ask.

When I was a child, or a teenager at least, amusing pictures were reserved for doodles in the margins of my school workbook. These images take art to a whole new, entertaining, level. On this occasion though, I think I'll leave the artwork to others.

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