Paused for thought

Paused for thought

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Postcards from Anglesey - Penmon Beach

I have always loved visiting family. They are a massive part of who I am and are hugely important to me. I have always felt this and, as a child, I especially enjoyed trips to see my grandparents. Both sets of grandparents were wonderful and I have so many happy memories with them. What reminds me of them as I write this ‘postcard’ is that my paternal grandparents lived near a beach that was a mix of sand and pebbles. I spent many a happy hour whiling away the time, my grandparents observing from their beach hut, or sometimes joining in with swimming in the sea or building a sandcastle or two. On one occasion I’m certain what we built was more of a fortress!

When in Anglesey we decided to take our children to the seaside. I had packed a bucket and spade before we set off and envisaged hours frolicking on the sand chasing the waves whether inwards or outwards bound. What we found though was Penmon Beach. A lovely pebble beach with several rockpools filled with tiny red swimming things that frankly I couldn’t begin to identify, save for being certain that they weren’t midge larvae.

Some people may be disappointed to come across a pebble beach if their imagination had been filled with sand castles, but for me there sprang that lovely warm familiar feeling you get when a happy memory is invoked. Yes, it’s harder to walk on, buckets were used to collect pebbles not sand and there was no frolicking to speak of, but the memories could still be made and I would definitely recommend it as a beach to visit with children.

To get to the beach you are requested to pay a small fee to pass on the toll road but I considered it worth it. There is a lovely and once again very friendly café which also sold gifts and, much to the delight of our sons, postcards, a cheap collectible that we are happy to indulge. There is also a lighthouse there which added interest and lovely views across to Puffin Island and beyond, to the mainland. A wonderful little find and one which will remain stowed fondly in my memory for years to come.

So concludes my postcards from Anglesey from this trip. I hope that you have enjoyed them and that they may give you some idea of the wonders that await you if you chose to venture to this lovely island.


  1. An illuminating and apt description of a memorable holiday.